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Does the Chinese celebrate Christmas? What about other countries?


Christmas is a Western holiday. The western atmosphere of this holiday is like the Chinese New Year. On December 25th every year, many countries in the world are commemorating the event. Interestingly, not every country does this. Although each country has its own traditional way to celebrate the festival, and although more than 160 countries celebrate Christmas, there are still many countries that do not commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Whether you are a self-proclaimed Christmas geek or just looking for an alternative vacation experience at this time of the year, there are places for you to avoid Christmas. Popular reports indicate that about 20 different countries do not celebrate Christmas like everyone else. Let ’s take a look at which countries do not celebrate Christmas and which are celebrated.

▲ Do Chinese people celebrate Christmas? What about other countries?

The first is Russia. Although Russia is considered by most to be a Western country, and you will certainly see snowflakes, lights and decorations in this country during Christmas, the Russian Orthodox Church Christmas is on January 7, not On December 25, the church used the old "Julian" calendar to mark religious holidays. So if you happen to visit this country this month, it's best not to sing carols too soon. Beyond that, Christmas is not an important holiday in Russia. The way of commemoration is so different that it may not even be considered Christmas.

Followed by Morocco, the country's population is mainly Muslim, so Christmas is not a major holiday there. Of course, if you go to this country this season, the bright lanterns and prayer sounds of the mosque may summon you, so you must not say that there is a lack of spiritual faith here. Much like Morocco is the Maldives, and 99% of the country's population is Muslim, which is why you can't find Christmas decorations in the city except for resorts that cater to strong international customers. Still, the white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and vibrant coral reefs may not let you miss this traditional festival.

In addition to this, there is another Muslim-dominated country. In Turkey, December 25 is just an ordinary day. But to be honest, Istanbul's fascinating sights and vibrant neighborhoods are enough to distract you and not have to pay attention to Christmas customs in other years. Israel is also a country that does not celebrate Christmas because of different religions. Although it can be said that Israel is of Christian origin, almost 75% of the Israeli population is Jewish. The Jews did not celebrate Christmas because they did not consider Jesus to be God, but King Nalasset.

In East Asia, China and North Korea are also countries that do not celebrate Christmas. On Christmas Day, Chinese shops, banks and companies are open as usual. For many Chinese, this is just a normal day. Of course, there will be some small-scale decoration activities that cater to the festival, which are all opportunities for merchants to take advantage of this promotion. Most people maintain an open mind. But strictly speaking, the Chinese do not celebrate this Western festival.

However, Japan and South Korea, which are also East Asian countries, treat Christmas day differently. With a small Christian population in Japan, the Japanese observe Christmas as if they often celebrate Valentine's Day. Japanese people think that Christmas Eve is a time for love, so young Japanese couples will be amazed by the holiday lights and themed decorations when walking. After walking around the city, you will see them eating dinner at fast food restaurants, as fried chicken is also considered the most popular Christmas dinner. In addition to fried chicken, another holiday food that the Japanese most look forward to on Christmas Eve and birthdays is "kurisumasu keki" (Christmas cake), which is available in almost all bakeries and local convenience stores. The same is true in South Korea. On Christmas Day, South Korea is closed. In a country such as South Korea, many religious members will appear on the day and hold various celebrations. Their participation in this should be the most enthusiastic among East Asian countries.

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