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"Companionship" on the way out of poverty


China Shandong Network, December 24th. My name is Chen Ruibang. I am 71 years old. I live in Ximaqiu Village, Qilan Town, Pingdu City, Shandong Province. There is a daughter-in-law Wang Ruifang who has been paralyzed for 11 years.

Happy House Sudden Change

There is nothing special about the Zhuanghu people's day. Farming, eating, and supporting children are counting on a good day, a good land, and a good body. I never thought that my family would encounter such a thing.

It was during the 2008 lunar month. My wife and I got up early to cook and were ready to eat and work. While talking, I watched the daughter-in-law suddenly fall to the ground, my heart panicked, I didn't dare to delay, and immediately contacted the car and went to the hospital for rescue. When I arrived at the hospital, the doctor told me that my daughter-in-law would become a "vegetable" forever in bed due to a general paralysis caused by a brain hemorrhage. "Anyway, I'm lying down. Instead of wasting money in the hospital, I'd better settle her at home." When the doctor told me this, my heart was like a knife, I really didn't know what to do. At that time, everyone thought that my family was going to break up. I had to take care of my daughter-in-law and take care of my children. I had to work in the house and be busy in the field, like a spinning top. The family often could n’t open the pot. The family left after leaving my wife and daughter-in-law, and I had to prop up this home even if I smashed the pot to sell iron.

Care and love

Taking care of her has been my biggest thing ever since my daughter-in-law was paralyzed in bed. Thinking that when her daughter-in-law was in good health, she also served our family every day and had to work on the ground. At that time, she didn't understand the pain of her daughter-in-law. Now that she was lying in bed, I should take good care of her. After getting up every morning, I take care of her going to the toilet, wiping her face, washing her hands, and feeding her food, because she can only enter the liquid food after intubation. In order to ensure the nutrition of the food, I crushed the meat, vegetables and fruits into the porridge every day. Feed her. It takes more than an hour for a meal, and three meals a day adds up to 5 hours. I don't have the ability to make her eat well, but I have to make her eat on time, comfortably, and pay as much as I can.

In the white sky, I pushed my daughter-in-law in a wheelchair to go out to bask in the sun, and patted her to unclog meridians. Use a hollow palm to pat your back. When you massage your legs, be sure to press straight along the meridian, otherwise you will have cramps. I learned some health knowledge from albums and TV. I gave my daughter-in-law a massage to make her comfortable. I had to get up twice at night to give her water and urine, and she was used to it now, and she would wake up naturally. On weekdays, I change clothes for my daughter-in-law, dry my bedding, and regularly help her turn over. My daughter-in-law has never had bedsores. It's fake to say it's not tiring, but if I fall, she may be gone. As long as she is there, our family will be there.

Live with gratitude

Because the wife is inseparable from people, I have no energy to plant the land. I can only transfer the land. The 5000 yuan a year transfer of the wife's medical expenses, and there is not much left. I ca n’t fool her. , I can have a bowl of rice cereal to fill my stomach.

Our village secretary Chen Lishan watched me live this day and was very anxious. In 2013, Secretary Chen approached me and said that we would report our family as a poor household who established a file. At first, I felt ashamed, afraid of not being able to lift my head in the village. Later, the town came to help cadres to tell me about the current good policy for poverty alleviation. For our heavy-burden family, it is a real mess. I am grateful to the party and the government s help.

The village cadres did not contribute less to my family's affairs. First, they applied for a disability subsidy for my daughter-in-law, because I did n’t understand any policies. Go to the civil affairs department to apply for a disability certificate and apply for a disability subsidy. At that time, it was hot like spitting fire, but our village cadres did not complain and ran to town and city one by one, and finally helped us manage the disability subsidy. Without him, this disability certificate would be difficult to obtain. Now it costs 140 yuan per month for nursing care!

The assistance cadre in the town is called Wan Zongzhi, who often visits his home to publicize the preferential policies for poverty alleviation and industrial development. He puts out the "poor households understanding paper" and explains the various subsidies for poverty alleviation. As long as he has time, he sits down and talks with me about Lala's family, talking about children, talking about new things in the village, and talking about our family's current life. When I saw him before, I felt that he was a cadre in the town. I was embarrassed to speak. Now I am familiar with it. He asked me to call him "Xiaowan". He really helped our family and helped us a lot. He reimbursed for medical expenses. He couldn't clean the yard at home. He picked up the broom and dried it. He also sent rice and noodles during the festival. Last winter, he also brought a big quilt and covered his heart with warmth! Xiaowan Often tells me, think about the future of my children, think about the help our country has for us, and how long I will live in the future, encourage me to be positive and optimistic and face life bravely.

In 2018, the government provided special insurance. I spent 5958 yuan in the hospital and I only took 232 yuan. My wife-in-law spent 12474 yuan in the hospital and I only took 390 yuan. The reimbursement rate reached more than 96%. This is really It has saved us a lot of money, and the big problems of taking medicine and being hospitalized are no longer worrying!

The government helped me solve these problems, and I was more motivated. Some time ago, the town cadres came to the house to ask if the house was leaking. If there is a problem with the quality of the house, I will help repair the house! I cleaned the house up. Flowers and grass were planted in the yard, the windows were polished brightly, and the house was neatly arranged to return the government's concern for us. Now that our family is out of poverty, our son can go out to work and can also guarantee his own life. Every year, the land transfer fee plus the pension, and the disabled person's subsidy, the medical expenses are basically free of money. Our old couple's life is getting better and better. Already.

I now have confidence in life. The government's protection guarantees our family without worries. I am too old to do anything else, so I take care of my wife, clean up my family, do what I can, and give less The government is troublesome! I'm not afraid of anything now, because I know that happiness comes from struggle. As long as I'm willing to do it, I can't climb up the steep slope.

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