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Industry enters "deep water" and sees how BAIC New Energy leads the second half


At present, the development of new energy vehicles has become a global consensus, and China attaches great importance to it. On the other hand, with the liberalization of joint venture shares and the decline of government subsidies, the new energy automobile industry has entered the era of "big waves and sands" and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. How to gain a foothold in the industry's great changes has become an important issue for car companies.

As one of the earliest car companies in the new energy vehicle market in China, after ten years of development and accumulation, BAIC New Energy (BAIC Blue Valley 600733) has formed its own advantages in terms of products, technology and business models. When the new energy automobile industry enters the "deep water zone", how can the industry pioneer continue to stay ahead?

From quantity to quality

High-quality development results

After June 25, subsidies receded, national five models were cleared of inventory, and more and more auto companies were overweight new energy vehicles. It can be said that the domestic new energy vehicle market is extremely grim this year. But even in this environment, BAIC New Energy's operating work this year still has many bright spots.

Beiqi New Energy EU5, which has a higher cruising range, has been selling well as soon as it is launched, becoming another "shen vehicle" in the new energy vehicle market this year. In the first three quarters of this year, the cumulative sales volume of BAIC's new energy EU series of high-quality models reached 82,900 units, an increase of 393.9% year-on-year, and it has become the domestic new energy vehicle single product sales champion for six consecutive months.

Compared with sales growth, the company's revenue growth is more attractive. According to the latest financial report of BAIC Blue Valley, the accumulated revenue in the first three quarters of this year was 17.484 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 78.64%, which is much higher than the sales growth rate of 20.45% over the same period. In a difficult environment for many enterprises, it is not easy for BAIC New Energy to maintain a stable operation.

As early as the beginning of this year, BAIC New Energy put forward a high-quality sustainable development strategy of "product up, brand up", and paid more attention to the improvement of business quality. Through timely and effective product structure optimization, the company's sales of A-class models and above accounted for more than 80%, and the average selling price of bicycles reached more than 120,000 yuan, significantly improving profitability.

Continue to lead

Strengthening core competitiveness

With the liberalization of new energy vehicle joint ventures, foreign capital, traditional car companies, and new forces in the car industry are competing in the Central Plains. China's new energy vehicles have reached a key point in the industry's changing situation. In the opinion of Xu Heyi, Party Secretary and Chairman of BAIC Group, the market's deep adjustment trend is irreversible. To successfully survive the current storm, it is necessary to return to the new energy vehicle products themselves.

In recent years, BAIC New Energy has continued to deepen its “two-wheel drive” strategy, integrating electrification with intelligent network connectivity. From leading the establishment of the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center, to the release of the "Darwin System" technology brand, to the industry-leading new energy test center being put into use, BAIC New Energy has steadily and steadily advanced its technology.

The more severe the time of competition, the more "real effort" is tested. There is no doubt that for new energy vehicles, a new generation of vehicle power batteries with high safety, long life and strong low temperature characteristics will become the core competitiveness. BAIC New Energy is aware that to achieve the sustainable development of the new energy vehicle industry, major breakthroughs must be made in key technical fields such as power batteries. In this context, BAIC New Energy has carried out in-depth cooperation with Ningde Times and SK to increase its layout in the field of power batteries and seek core technology breakthroughs; it has also in-depth cooperation with world-renowned companies such as Daimler, Huawei, and Magna , In the intelligent networking, intelligent manufacturing and other aspects continue to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. In May this year, BAIC New Energy Intelligent Networked Team won the 2nd, 3rd, and 1st season outstanding results in the "3rd World Intelligent Driving Challenge", showing the achievements and strength of BAIC's enhanced intelligent networked layout. In September, the world's first moduleless power battery pack was also released. The number of parts has been reduced by nearly 40%, the cost has been reduced by 20%, and the energy density has been increased by 7% (up to 161Wh / kg). First application.

In addition, BAIC New Energy has continued to open source through business model innovation. The company took the lead in promoting the power exchange model. It has built a total of 160 power stations and put in 16,000 vehicles, the largest scale in the world. With the implementation of the Optimus Prime Program, it has accelerated its deployment in the field of energy management and services. Promote the integration and development of new energy vehicles and renewable energy. BAIC New Energy also set up a joint venture with Xiaoju Vehicle Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Didi Chuxing, to jointly develop the online car rental market and become an important performance growth point.

From planning ahead ten years ago, we took the lead in entering the new track of “re-routing and overtaking” of new energy vehicles; to ten years later, we continued to sharpen our core competitiveness and deepen our technology reserves. BAIC New Energy's substantial market share in exchange for hard work has helped China's new energy vehicle industry develop a qualitative leap. We also have reasons to believe that Chinese companies that continue to rejuvenate their creativity and vitality will continue to lead the market in a more competitive landscape. Hong Yanqi

Source: Beijing Evening News

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