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"Poisoning the black with poison", Shanwei police cracked the case involving Yang Mouke and others


Today (December 23), the reporter learned from the Shanwei police that the public security organs of Shanwei started with the investigation of police clues, drew away cocoons, and operated meticulously. In recent days, it successfully destroyed a pan-coil headed by Yang Mouke in Donghai Town, Lufeng City. The "triad" organization of "bringing the black" and "protecting the drug by the black" has cracked 43 criminal cases such as extortion, deliberate injury, crowd fights, illegal detention, casinos, illegal operations, usury lending, and drug trafficking, and 58 criminal suspects were arrested. , Seized a batch of firearms, pineapple bombs, bank cards, and POS machines; seized, seized, and frozen about 35 million yuan of assets involved. The black organization case has been prosecuted by the Luhe County Procuratorate to the Luhe County Court according to law in accordance with the black crime.

On February 4, 2018, the Lufeng City Public Security Bureau received an anonymous call from the public. The anonymous man was worried when he called the police. When the police on duty asked for details, he was indifferent. He was reluctant to reveal his information and was very urgent. The public security organs reported their infringement and reported to the Beidi Police Station, Tanxi Police Station, and Lufeng 110 Command Center.

After receiving the police report, the public security organ of Lufeng City was keenly aware that the police report was by no means a simple one, and decided to start with an anonymous man to dig deeper, and immediately dispatched officers to investigate. After investigation, it was found that on February 1, 2018, Yang Mouke collected Bai Mouwei, Chen Mouwen, Lin Moujie and others into the apartment rented by Lin Moumou with a gun, implemented intimidation, threats and beatings, and controlled His personal freedom was not allowed to restore personal freedom until the afternoon of the next day (February 2), after forcing Lin Moumou to sign a 120,000 IOU.

Subsequently, the public security organs filed a "2.01 illegal detention case" and set up a special class to conduct in-depth investigation and obtain evidence. After a gradual and in-depth investigation, it was found that after the criminal suspect Yang Mouke was sentenced to probation in 1996, he began to cultivate his cronies and thugs in 2012 by trapping and snatching social idlers, drug users, and released prisoners. Organizations involving Yang Mouke, Cai Moupeng, Yang Mozheng as leaders, Bai Mouwei as the main backbone, and Yan Moobin as the backbone members.

The organization has a relatively stable structure and hierarchical characteristics. It uses violence, threats, nuisances, and other methods to organize illegal detentions, illegal operations, crowd fights, intentional injuries, open casinos, extortion, and tolerate others. A series of illegal and criminal activities, such as drug use and illegal possession of firearms, have seriously damaged the local public security environment, disrupted the normal lives of residents, and caused great social harm.

After ascertaining the basic facts, the main leaders of the Lufeng City Public Security Organ attached great importance to it, and organized the case handlers to analyze the case in depth, formulate a strict arrest plan, and implement the arrest action at the appropriate time. On August 5, 2018, the time was ripe. The public security organs deployed more than 300 police forces and launched arrests in multiple places at the same time. They captured Yang Mouke, Cai Moupeng, Yang Mouzheng, Chen Moowen, Zheng Mohua, and Wang Mou in one fell swoop. Wait for 21 suspects.

Immediately after the main offender in this case was arrested, the public security organs immediately set up an "8.05" task force on the basis of the original special class to draw capable personnel and divide them into an interrogation group, an external transfer group, a pursuit group, and a comprehensive group to carry out the corresponding work. The special case team made a fist to strike and arrested the remaining criminal suspects in a high-pressure situation, and at the same time strengthened the interrogation of the arrested suspects.

After the investigation and investigation of all members of the ad hoc group, the "8.05" project made a series of progress, and successively arrested 37 criminal suspects such as Bai Mouwei, Chen Mouyi, Zhuang Mooyong, and cracked the nature of leadership, organization, and participation in the underworld. Organization case, illegal detention case, illegal business case, forced transaction, provocative trouble case, intentional injury case, gathering case, extortion case, illegal gun possession case, casino opening case, drug trafficking case, drug transportation, tolerating drug use by others A large number of cases, including concealing, concealing the proceeds of crime, robbery, hiding, etc., all the people involved in the case have been arrested and brought to justice, and successfully defeated the underworld nature of "supporting the black with poison, protecting the drug with black, and interweaving with black". organization.

Source 丨 Guangzhou Daily Client

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