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Modern Brother Liu Yuning: Storms Grow 2019


At the just-concluded 2019 TMEA Tencent Music Festival, the modern brother Liu Yuning won two awards: "Best New Artist of the Year" and "New Power of Film, Television and Song of the Year". In 2019 alone, he won a total of 5 new music awards. In addition to music works, fashion and drama, a total of 11 awards were included.

Just as he named the first round of concerts "Growth Storm", his 2019 indeed does interpret his "Growth Storm" with his works and achievements.

Counting Liu Yuning's 2019 transcripts is far more than the 10 awards mentioned at the beginning of the article.

I. Verification of the strength of the release of nearly 30 music works

In 2018, when referring to the Modern Brothers, many people would mention the word "cover". Indeed, Liu Yuning, through cover songs such as "Speak the Truth" and "Walking Horse", gained over ten million fans on the short video platform with a thunderbolt, which was a phenomenal event at the time. He loves music and is never satisfied with the cover. From the beginning of "Imagination", he set off a storm of song release in 2019. In addition to the album "Ten", EP "As promised", there are nearly ten singles including "Do not ask", "Beggar", "Caution" and so on. "Jie" is the first creative music work of the Modern Brothers team.

"If there are no masterpieces for the time being, I will take a measure first." This is what he said in an interview. With the peculiar temper of the Northeast man, nearly 30 songs, this "amount" that even business personnel exclaimed "unlikely", he really did. This amount makes people have to cast their affirmation and praise on this native singer who has just debuted for a year and in the short video era.

Maybe you think that quantity and quality are usually difficult to achieve, but the musical works of the modern brother Liu Yuning are not quite the same. But look at the production lineup of the album "Ten", you will find that each song is ingenious and sincere. The two works "Lang Jiu" and "Ru Yue" won the "Recommended Film and Television Song Award" and "Annual Film and Television Song New Power Award" respectively. "Don't Ask" and "Pretend to Be Yours" have accumulated 12 weeks in the "Popular Directions" list, with the highest rankings being No. 1. The single "Beggar" once won the third place of QQ Music's "Popular Chart", "Popular Index Chart" and "New Song Chart".

The popularity test of six concerts in five cities in February and April

The concert is a touchstone to test a singer's live strength and popularity. If one is not enough, then seven. 6/7 of the first round of "Growth Storm" of the Modern Brothers has come to a successful end, and the final game is set to be held on February 14 next year in Wuhan. With regard to their first tour, few can't sum up all the excitement. Perhaps compared with the big-name singers in the front line, the 10,000-person venue is just the primary equipment for the concert, but the dance beauty, sound, planning, and music quality are not ambiguous. The biggest surprise came from the tacit understanding between fans and singers. "All tickets locked back to fans", "10,000 people married", "Beijing extra full again", "online and offline song", "new chorus of ten thousand people", "fancy expression of love beans" made the concert full of topics. Liu Yuning's super-stable on-site skill, changeable image, and warm-hearted interaction made fans reminiscent of his concert, jokingly revisiting the performance as "Acacia disease registration consultation", many fans accompanied him throughout the country Dash, just to fulfill the promise of "I will be there as long as you look up."

As a new singer who dared to perform a concert just one year after his debut and successfully hosted 6 shows, it may be too early to discuss the scale and influence, but the tender story and his performance of the song Force and on-site infection are enough to make the industry stand out.

The first play challenges the brave attempts of the villains

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