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Big language leaves parents scratching their heads, teaching children to read and understand better


The importance of reading comprehension, needless to say, from Chinese, mathematics, to various disciplines, reading comprehension is very important. Why is it that the child does not pass the math problem? Maybe the problem is not in his mathematical knowledge and logic, but in reading comprehension. If he fails to understand the meaning of the problem correctly, the problem cannot be done right.

Then, in the face of the "big Chinese" education reform, parents are even more puzzled. Let us first take a moment to explain what a "big language" is. where is it?

First, the scope is large. Articles or materials describing emotional values such as family, friendship, etc. from the subject matter of the essay, novels, dramas, literature, poetry, etc., but sometimes the scope is not enough, and it is necessary to dig deep to guide children to think and analyze better . A good child of philology must be a child with good memory. However, children who have a good knowledge of big language and literature must be children with a very large amount of knowledge. This is the kind of training and reinforcement that big language can give them.

Second, the size of the scene. This refers to the language environment, language foundation, and the ability to investigate language use. Language comes from life, just as language comes from life. It is more important to give back to life. Large Chinese learning is closer to life examples.

Third, the size of the pattern. Our language learning in children's elementary and middle school is not only to cultivate children's language skills, but also to focus on the cultivation of children's emotional attitudes and values, personality and emotional control, etc., similar to emotional intelligence learning.

The above is the language literacy of the children we hope to shape and cultivate.

In fact, whether it is "Chinese" or "Large Chinese", if you want to read well, you only need to grasp 4 key points, and you can do more with less.

First, read extensively and lay the foundation

Quantitative change to qualitative change is the eternal truth of any subject area. Especially in "big Chinese", the number and width of readings determine the thickness and breadth of your knowledge accumulation. Nowadays, most parents attach great importance to developing their children's reading habits, even from prenatal education. For children above elementary school, we must pay attention to the accumulation of reading. Parents should create a good reading environment for their children, let them start with the books they like, and cultivate the inertia of reading.

Second, to read well, the key is to grasp the keywords

The words that appear more frequently in an article are often "keywords". When reading and answering questions, you must focus on the keywords to prevent the answer. For example, in a language answer sheet, there is a prose poem about swallows. Among them, "hometown" is mentioned many times. Then, hometown is the key word. The answer is to organize the hometown, so it is easy to write the original author The central meaning to be expressed is "I miss my hometown".

Third, give play to your image thinking ability

In fact, image thinking is essential for children's study of various subjects. However, our current education system and model simply separates perceptual and rational cognition, especially when entering junior high school, we can only learn boring theoretical knowledge of each subject and score for scores. This aspect is particularly prominent in Chinese. The content of "fine, qi, and god" in literary works has not received much attention at all, and Chinese has become pure "literal" learning. This is not only bad for cultivating our literary culture for a long time, but also a fatal injury for us to get high scores in the exam. Therefore, it is recommended that when facing reading comprehension, think of yourself as a director, treat the article as a script, sketch it out in your mind, and let the plot reappear. In this way, you can understand and grasp the text of the article. of.

Fourth, use the tools of the mind map

Mind maps are a very useful and helpful tool when helping us read. It can help us refine the main point of the article, sort out the arguments and arguments of the article, and display it with clearly visible map results to help us understand and remember. How to use mind maps to help us with reading comprehension will be discussed and introduced in detail in the next article.

After doing the above four exercises and mastering, I believe that the reading comprehension of "Big Chinese" will become very simple.

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