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Original cross talk new force 2019 tour ignites national laughter and guides new directions of joy


The offline theater comedy "Comedy Comes Crazy · The New Force of Crosstalk 2019 Tour" hosted by Happy Media has been popular since its debut in Beijing. Today, three stations in Beijing, Nanjing and Chongqing have been completed, and it is expected that they will go to many other cities for cross talk performances. During the tour of the new cross talk force, Lu Xin and Yu Hao ingeniously innovated the trend based on traditional cross talk skills, making cross talk also attracted much attention among young people. This tour is destined to explode all over the country again.

Unprecedented quality comedy performance

The new cross talk tour in 2019 has been well received since the first show in Beijing, and has now completed three performances in Beijing, Nanjing and Chongqing. After the performance, word-of-mouth is exploding, and it is expected to go to Shanghai, Xi'an, Wuhan, Harbin, Qingdao and other cities for cross talk tours.

In the performance, Lu Xin and Yu Hao perfectly combined traditional cross talk and modern pop music, presenting a variety of performance styles. It is reported that this year's tour site will continue to incorporate hip-hop, pop songs, Rap, Peking opera singing, guitar performances, B-box and other popular elements, each of which lasted for three hours.

In addition to the excellent comedians Lu Xin and Yu Hao, the "Crosstalk New Forces" team also has Dou Chenguang, Chang Pengxu, Xin Jie, Ji Pan, Dong Ying, Fang Yuan and other popular newcomers in the comics circle. Later, they also joined the room. He Di, Ma Zhanti, Wang Yifan, Zhang Wenhao and other new actors have incalculable future development.

This new storm of cross talks belonging to young people is about to sweep the country.

Lu Xinyu Hao Detonated Comedy Performance

Lu Xin and Yu Hao, as performers of the new crosstalk tour in 2019, brought a lot of surprises to the audience.

They have won the national championship in the third season of "The Swordsman", the first runner-up in the first season of "Laughter Legends" of Oriental TV, and the popular comedians in the fourth and fifth seasons of "Comedy Comedian". One of the people.

In previous performances, Lu Xin and Yu Hao cooperated tacitly and the comedy performance was lively and humorous. This tour, as popular actors, also brought us different surprises. For example, on the basis of traditional skills, elements that follow the trend of fashion have been added, and have always adhered to the concept of "young people talk about cross talk of young people", making the work more lively and interesting.

After the tour started, Lu Xin and Yu Hao caused heated discussions because of their popular cross talks. The audience said, "I didn't expect cross talks to be so interesting. I must watch them with my family next time!" Back to the fare, for a few hours almost from beginning to end, Lu Xin and Yu Hao's watches are actually great! "

Happy media craftsmanship to create comedy

The popularity of "Comedy Comes Crazy · Crosstalk New Powers Tour 2019" is closely related to the intentions of its organizer, Happy Media.

As a production company of outstanding comedy variety shows in China, Happy Media has been committed to creating the highest quality comedy content. It has not only successfully launched large-scale variety comedy reality shows "Smiling Comedies", "Happy Comedies", "Comedy Story", "Night "Live" and many other well-known comedy masterpieces have even discovered newcomers such as Lu Xin and Yu Hao.

The popularity of online comedy variety shows has gained popularity, and the offline touring venues are full. Happy Media attaches great importance to offline comedy performances and has launched its own offline performance brand "Comedy Comes Crazy". This year, in addition to "Comedy Comes Crazy · The New Power of Crosstalk 2019 Tour", at the beginning of the year, the "Comedy Comes Crazy" premiere was also performed, continuing the influence of comedy variety IP offline. Original comedy plays are under intense preparation. In the future, Joy Media will work with more comedy teams with editing and performance capabilities to invite stars to participate in cross-border performances, so that the offline performance brand "Comedy Comes Crazy" can better meet the needs of the audience in the performance market. And create more comedy IPs with creativity, novelty and sincerity.

In the planning of Happy Media, not only do comedy variety shows, but also do industry and train more comedian stars. In addition to the comedians Lu Xin and Yu Hao, the company also has artists in various fields such as Li Mingyu and Li Jordan. I believe that the future development will certainly surprise people.

Full of sincerity and good-looking content, "Comedy Comes Crazy · Crosstalk New Powers 2019 Tour" will definitely explode in 2019, bringing an unforgettable performance full of laughter to the audience, and look forward to a successful tour!

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