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Timetable for State-owned Assets Transfer and Social Security Fund finalization

[State-owned assets transfer social security fund timetable finalization experts predict that the scale exceeds one trillion yuan] On November 18, the State Council released "Transferring part of state-owned capital to enrich the social security base ... [Details]

The first high-speed transfer plan is released

[The first high-speed transfer plan was released in advance to lay out high-quality targets.] This year, the first annual report of the Shanghai and Shenzhen cities was released, and the high-speed transfer plan became the market focus. Analysis ... [detailed]

  • Open Source and Throttling: Will Trump Economics Work
  • US-Europe relations face retrogression after Trump's trip to Europe
  • Fed Beige Book: Moderate Economic Expansion with Little Inflationary Pressure
  • German unemployment rate hits record low in May
  • India's economic growth slows significantly in fourth quarter of this fiscal year
  • CDB and Deutsche Bank sign US $ 3 billion framework agreement
  • German unemployment rate hits record low in May
  • Xiamen University report: RMB has become the "Belt and Road" currency exchange rate network center
  • U.S. stock sales decline in April
  • The Sino-Vietnamese border builds a convenient road link to ASEAN Europe by virtue of its geographical advantage
  • Highlights of headlines on the front pages of the four domestic securities newspapers on June 1
  • Euro zone inflation falls to 1.4% in May
  • Fed's "beige book" shows that the US economy continues to expand moderately
  • White House: Trump is about to announce whether the United States will withdraw from the Paris Agreement
  • European stocks rise for four consecutive months, British stocks create best monthly performance of the year
  • RMB central parity increased by 543 points Offshore RMB continues to rise

hot spot

High salt, carcinogenic? Everyone says if stewed vegetables can

  • The Piacente Group Enhances Senior Tea
  • Amazon launches "Smart Lock" courier service to allow courier
  • Composer Suona Holds Works Concert Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra
  • Is your bone healthy? Bone health care starts in middle age
  • Sun Mingda and Zhang Dongbo Appointed as Financial Security Expert Committee
  • 2017 Shandong Zaozhuang International Marathon successfully held
  • Statement Regarding Complaint Filed on
  • A laptop dock designed for smartphones enhances your
  • The media and business association held a celebration in Dongsi, Beijing every Sunday
  • 4 tips for washing your face
  • Timetable for state-owned assets transfer to social security fund
  • Where do home improvement and building materials companies go in the hardcover era?
  • Going to Vietnam to take a vacation can find so much delicious
  • 2016 preferred brand of cultural and sports education tendering agency
  • Performance commitment failed to meet Huiguan shares abandoned former darling Wang
  • Analysis of Beijing Zhongyu Shengxiang International Education Consulting Center
  • Ca n’t eat soy products? Watch out for eight misunderstandings about gout
  • Polestar 1 officially releases 600 horsepower in 2019
  • In another 24 hours, this oil power may be about to default.
  • "Products made in Zhejiang" stunning appearance
  • Tmall Double 11: The Power of Business
  • "2017 Intelligent Hardware Summit Forum" is about to start
  • Is Muse Wechat MLM? Why so many people are doing mu
  • Allergies may not be a bad thing when applying the mask
  • Liu Qiangdong and Ma Yun aim at the new trend of intelligent unmanned gas stations
  • Musi Weishang dictates that Musi skin care really sells well?
  • 2016 Preferred Brand of Shandong Procurement Agency
  • Attention! Skin changes behind the neck herald two types of cancer



    • Neuralstem Announces NS Presentation at American Neuropsychopharmacological Society Annual Meeting
    • Employee shareholding drops to worthless Pathfinder chairman sells shares
    • Performance commitment failed to meet Huiguan shares abandoned former darling Wangxin Precision
    • CLEARink wins 2017 IDTechEx Award
    • Bombardier signs agreement with EgyptAir to order up to 24 CS300 aircraft
    • Wahaha Zong Qinghou: will consider listing in due course
    • The peak of mAb biopharma patent expiration comes to Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical companies to seize the market
    • Passenger car sales increase by 2.6% in October
    • More than 200 billion business opportunities in finished houses every year make the decoration enterprises frightened?
    • Beijing office market pattern reshapes suburban office and other new formats



  • StarCraft 2 is finally free after 7 years. Is StarCraft 2 going hot?
  • Want to challenge NetEase and Tencent to be the first in the industry? Xiaomi Shootout is amazing
  • Let your child experience the adventure of augmented reality thanks to this tablet case
  • iPhone 8 Plus becomes Apple's best-performing smartphone
  • You can play it for a year. Is it really for eating?
  • Which refrigerator to buy looks good after reading this shopping guide
  • Ma Yun held a total of 1.6 trillion to defeat China Merchants Bank CITIC Pufa's personal livelihood
  • Wu Shichun: The success of Qudian is not accidental, entrepreneurship is a contest of cognition
  • 120 people fight for a chicken, what is this "chicken" of NetEase
  • Serious gif: The trick to treat her husband not to go home can be wiped so clean



  • Returning from joint venture to autonomous Liu Changqing, general manager of any car
  • 2017 Audi professional double cup competition boosts overall service capabilities
  • Changtu, Liaoning: straw bales to generate electricity
  • Mobile "charging treasure"? China's first offshore floating nuclear power plant receives attention
  • Chrysler pushes Jetta hybrid version to debut on November 7
  • For the Chinese market, Kodiak GT imaginary map exposure
  • The all-new BMW X2 keeps playing cross-border X least like SUV
  • 2018 Artz Car Buying Guide Pushes 2.5L Blue Sky Revered Edition
  • Baidu and Jinlong Bus cooperate to plan mass production of driverless buses in 2018
  • BAIC Motor intends to issue no more than 485 million A shares for the transformation of the production base

Real estate


  • Luzhou Peacock City Yuelan Bay
  • Urban Construction Vanke City-Property Details-Beijing Phoenix Real Estate
  • Zhonghai International Mansion-Details-Beijing Phoenix Real Estate
  • Jinke Tianxi-Property Details-Beijing Phoenix Real Estate
  • The guy opened her grandma's left safe and looked at her, wondering about her identity
  • The toilet is yellow and smelly? Teach you a trick and never have to flush the toilet again
  • Shimao Vice President Yunai Gui resigned as professional manager of Zhonghai Department to gather in Sunshine City
  • Chongliang Group accelerates the transfer of Chongqing's state-owned assets from two housing companies
  • China Resources Xishan Villa-Details-Beijing Phoenix Real Estate
  • Sunshine City ・ Junshan Villa



  • Sweater with wide-leg pants
  • Yang Mi's latest street shot released black casual show unique charm
  • Chanel Spring / Summer 2018 Ready-to-wear
  • The Face Shop and Poems collaborate with Tmall to create the 11th anniversary offline life
  • 2017 China National Catering Development Forum Held in Beijing
  • If you want grace but not temperature, you may need this hot drink to survive
  • Skirt upside down wearing Yang Mi to lead the new trend of denim short skirts
  • Ni Ni Liu Tao's retro accent is because she wears the right caramel
  • YSL's Non-Powder Party Comes to Shanghai
  • ReFa SPA Experience Hall Shines in Beijing Courtyard



  • U.S. H-1B work permit scrutinizes slow approval of Chinese foreign students
  • Overseas graduates account for 50% of Canadian economic immigration
  • Former LeTV CMO Zhang F joined 360 as Vice President of Operations Management
  • Xiaomi acquires its South Korean chief to land in Samsung's "back garden"
  • Zoom in! EU refuses to issue visas to countries that do not accept repatriation
  • U.S. H-1B and other non-immigrant work visa extensions will be severely reviewed
  • Lei Jun: The secret of success is working hard Xiaomi wanted to rename others
  • 11 companies including Sogou will go public, U.S. expected to raise more than $ 2 billion
  • Canada to receive 300,000 immigrants in 2018 to absorb more skilled workers
  • Migrants can only swallow their domestic violence? New Zealand immigration law has special provisions

Hot info



  • Food and Drug Administration issued management measures:
  • Don't try to "cultivate" time
  • 7 sentences to show whether you really love
  • What is fulminant type 1 diabetes? To
  • Why yawn with others
  • Doctor Fengrun travelled to Shanghai to rescue himself
  • Fengrun: launch a series of activities to the motherland
  • do you know? These five feelings for love
  • Diabetic retinopathy requires height
  • Attention! Skin changes behind the neck
  • New moms pay attention! Backache
  • Please stay sane, no tumor treatment
  • Allergic rhinitis should be treated early, which may lead to
  • In addition to keeping warm, exercise needs to cool down
  • Caring for the elderly's eye health

English News


Xi wraps up state visit to Laos with strengthened

  • Chinese scholarships offer Lao
  • Statement Regarding Complaint
  • NTT East Japan Adopts Cisco NF
  • Algeco Scotsman Announces Avai
  • Algeco Scotsman Announces $ 300
  • The Piacente Group Enhances Se
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific and C
  • Chinas modernization plan to b
  • Chinese firm launches robot to
  • Trump declares opioids public
  • Study points to new approach t
  • Cisco and Google Partner on Ne

Public welfare


  • Jike Yiyi: May more people be warmed by this world
  • Chow Yun Fat donated 5.6 billion naked, but petted his wife for 30 years
  • Wang Likun: Being a public good allows me to learn to be grateful to all
  • Capturing a deer in the public welfare industry: Luhan and male
  • Sixty loving mother raises 25 baby SOS children in 31 years
  • Corneal desperately seeks new owner, netizens relay gold
  • Like it before leaving, Phoenix News Client wants to
  • Village clinic left 9,000 yuan
  • Numerous massage shops in Nanning were smashed and severely abused
  • World Cycling Day, why are these 100 people moved
  • Woman's P chart transfer records scam sellers to buy 30,000 online
  • The driver took the sick wife to rent: we paid off our debts
  • Elementary school teacher fan child face school: cancelled
  • Internet Mutual Aid Program, Another Option Outside Insurance
  • Decibel of Love: Charity initiated by a group of anchors
  • Liu Zhongliang: How to make directors of charity organizations
  • Maternal Jumping Case: Chinese Women's Choices and Victims
  • "Speak for Love & # 8226; Safe Walk
  • Actor Cheng Yi shoots public service ads for whale protection
  • Sharing cats "online", sharing eyeballs
  • Guizhou Nayong Mountain Collapse One Fund Chief
  • Voice of the public welfare person (below): Doing public welfare is self

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